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In this episode, Jay interviews Dr. Steve Levinson the inventor of the Motivaider. Good habits are often hard to create because as ADHDers we often don’t think of the thing we wanted to change at the time we can change it. The Motivaider is a great tool to help us bring awareness to what has our attention.

The Motivaider is a small pager like device that can be easily programmed to provide a gentle private reminder through a vibration that only you can detect. The device is small enough to fit in a pocket and also comes with a clip for a belt.

A picture of the motivaider - a small pager like device

I also mentioned that I will be talking about ADHD Coaching on WCCO Channel 4, the CBS affiliate in the Twin Cities Minnesota area. This will probably happen the week of November 7, 2011.

You know there is a lot of stigma associated with ADHD and the antidote for stigma is Awareness. There’s a new site out that is really awesome it’s call the ADHD Heroes Project. It features stories about people with ADHD who have succeeded and can be an inspiration to others. We all need more stories. Check it out!

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