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Susanne Ballard

I began a quest several years ago to build a life with purpose and to create a lifestyle-business based on my passions and our family life. What I quickly discovered was how important time management and focus is to creating a life on purpose. I struggled with juggling my roles as wife, mother, full-time pharmacist and budding entrepreneur, plus many other smaller roles we all have. I purchased various types of day planners and read numerous books on organizing and time management, all in the hope that some nugget of information I found would click and I would suddenly have all the time I needed. Well, that plan didn’t work out so well.

I realized I would greatly benefit from having a one-on-one coaching experience with someone who is an expert at helping calm the chaos, manage time and create specific systems that will help set me up for success as I build my business and create a new lifestyle for my family. People who have ADHD often struggle with these same issues, so I decided to go to the experts- ADHD coaches.

Jay Carter, of Hyperfocused Coaching Systems, stood out to me because he combines his ADHD coaching with career coaching. What I found, while working with Jay, was a way to break down the overwhelm, identify it and deal with it in a productive manner.

One thing I especially loved that he did was to provide me with an overview of each of our phone consultations. This provided a lot of clarity for me because I was able to have a visual of our talk together, which always revealed some insight into my situation that I would have missed had I relied strictly on my memory of the conversation. It also reinforced what I learned with him and allowed me to clearly hear his guidance on how to tweak my game plan and keep me motivated.

As a result of working with Jay I completely changed the way I file papers, I keep clearly defined goals and lists, and I get more done in less time. He taught me a really useful tool, called mind mapping, which makes it so easy to break down anything I do into a much clearer, organized and detailed process. The skills and habits I learned while working with Jay have provided me with a lifetime value that literally is benefiting my entire family, as well as, the people I love to serve through my business. Developing habits that have a ripple effect on everyone around me, makes my investment with Jay one of the most beneficial decisions I’ve made.

While Jay certainly did not “do the work for me”, he did really take the load off my shoulders and allow me to more strategically work towards my goals. In short, if you desire to live your life at a higher level and need more time in your day and a more focused, organized approach to your life and business, whether you have ADHD or not, then I highly suggest you invest in yourself and let Jay Carter help structure your goals and build habits that work for you.

Susanne Ballard,RPh
President & CEO of Bella Life Endeavors, Inc.
Creator of the PharMomAssist

Laska Golden

Why Hyperfocused Coaching? Why Jay Carter?

At 50, I am excited and happy to announce … I know what I want to be when I grow up!

Many of you will know what i mean by this statement … for those of you who may not, let me explain. All of my life I’ve been a wanderer and an explorer. I have wandered all over the country and explored countless careers, areas of study, and relationships. In my adult life, I have lived in six different states, 16 separate cities, and over 40 homes or apartments.

Teachers and employers loved me because I always met the deadline and could juggle superhuman workloads. Little did they know the procrastination, obsessing, and nervous breakdowns that happen behind the scenes. It would not be unusual to find me up until three or four in the morning the night before project was due pulling the proverbial rabbit out of a hat.

My record in relationships is very similar, jumping spontaneously without thinking things through into unhealthy, dysfunctional situations, doomed to failure from the start.

I am the absolute embodiment of the phrase, “Jack (or rather Jill) of All Trades, Master of None”!

From morning to night, each and every day, my head is filled with ideas. Ideas that I rarely follow through on. I often get completely obsessed with the activity or idea allowing it to consume every waking moment for months… then abandon it.

For most of my life I have a pervading sense that I have greater potential but lacked the confidence to meet it.

I stumbled onto the Hyperfocused Coaching website and found it intriguing. I never heard of an ADHD coach and hadn’t seriously consider myself an ADHD (despite seemingly overwhelming evidence to the contrary). but as I read about Jay and his experience that sounded eerily familiar. I thought it wouldn’t hurt to take advantage of the free consultation.

For our first conversation I felt at ease with Jay. He was genuinely interested in helping me and showed incredible patience every time I ran off on a tangent, carefully bringing me back on track.

Through our sessions, I began to identify and acknowledge my strengths… like WOW I have STRENGTHS?!I began to be more aware of my self-defeating patterns as well as those around me. Jay helped me learn where I want to go in my life and what I wanted to, not by telling me what HE thought but by asking good questions and helping ME learn about ME.

I began learning how to become the architect of my life instead of viewing it from the sidelines. Changes are happening from within. I am beginning to build confidence and focus. I cannot wait to discover what is around the next corner, thinks, in no small part, to Jay and Hyperfocused Coaching!

Laska G.

Jonathan Shank


A few months back we had a very beneficial coaching session where you helped to define and clarify steps to take in achieving my personal and business goals. After making significant strides I had reached a point where I could benefit from additional professional advice to further refine and expand on my recent achievements.

I found you exceeded my expectations in our latest brainstorming session by not only helping to identify new areas to explore which were an excellent fit for my business’s capabilities and vision, but additionally offering crucial personal contacts which could prove extremely useful in successfully developing and expanding into these new areas.

Thanks again,

Jonathan Shank
Owner, Transonic Acoustics