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The Foundations of a Great Life with ADHD

Module 1 – Diagnosis and Treatment Options
Module 2 – Transform Your Traits – Understanding your ADHD
Module 3 – Creating an ADHD Support Structure
Module 4 – Managing the roles in my ADHD life
Module 5 – Be Productive

This class is available as a downloadable self-study by individual modules or the power pack including all five sessions. Click the button to learn more.

Logo for the Basics of ADHD ClassThe Basics of ADHD

The Basics of ADHD is an introductory class that we offer periodically to help people who think they might have ADHD or have been newly diagnosed get up to speed quickly. Click the Logo for more information.

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Mind Manager 101 Getting Started

Goal Setting Class LogoGoal Setting the ADHD Way

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MindJet Class 2 LogoMind Manager 201 – MindManager for Creativity

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