Dragon Naturally Speaking from Nuance

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is voice recognition software for your computer. I’ve been using it for many years, but the last two iterations of the software make quantum leaps in terms of accuracy and usability.

The benefits are twofold. First, if you’re like me, a verbal processor, the ability to freely speak your thoughts can really unlock some productivity and creativity. I find I can especially take advantage of this when I’m a captive audience, for instance when I’m writing in a car. I often create extensive documents on a particular topic on a trip and then simply proofread them when I return.

Secondly, our rate of speaking and Dragon’s rate of understanding is typically about three times as fast as we can type. This leads to enhanced productivity even on some of our daily tasks.

Dragon works natively with many wordprocessing applications as well as many applications of all kinds. With native integration, you can take advantage of many commands for formatting, moving around in the document, and for working with the application menu system. For applications without a native Dragon interface can still dictate and use many of the commands.

Dragon can also work with your computer at the operating system level. By that, I mean you can open applications or files, browse directories, and do other operations that you would in your Windows or Mac operating system.
Dragon has helped me personally be a better communicator as well as be more productive in many of the activities that perform with my computer.

Dragon has helped me personally be a better communicator as well as be more productive in many of the activities that perform with my computer. As an ADHDer, Dragon also frees me from having to be within an arm’s length of my computer when I’m creating. With my Bluetooth headset, I can walk around the room and still get my typing them.

As you know, I only put resource links to products that I’ve personally used and I believe in. Dragon is very accurate right out of the box, but it still takes a little bit of work to change habits and workflows as we transition from typing to speaking. In the near future, I’ll add a video of myself using Dragon NaturallySpeaking so that you can see how it actually works. I’ll also be offering a Dragon Naturally Speaking 101 class in the near future.

The links below are for the Dragon products for both the PC and the Mac. In addition to the software itself, I’d recommend purchasing the bluetooth headset that Dragon recommends. You can get that in a bundle.

Click the image above to go to Nuance’s Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium Page

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11 lets you control your digital world by voice — at work, home, or on the road. Turn thoughts into text just by talking. Tell your PC what to do and it does it. With Dragon as your personal assistant, you’ll accomplish more on your PC faster than ever before.

From university students and teachers, self-employed workers, writers/bloggers, to consultants and small business owners, if you rely on computing, then Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5 Premium speech recognition software is right for you – even on the go. With Dragon Premium as your personal assistant, you’ll accomplish more than you ever imagined possible – at home, work, or wherever life takes you.

Click the image below to go to Nuance’s Dragon Dictate for the Mac page.

Here is the recommended bluetooth microphone if you don’t purchase a version that comes with the wireless microphone.

Plantronics Calisto-Pro Bluetooth Headset with USB Bluetooth Adapter

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