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Mind maps or information maps are an incredible tool for productivity and creativity.

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For those of you coming here from the WCCO interview, my visibility as an Information Mapping expert with the MindManager tool is what let to this interview. It truly is my number one tool.

The concept is simple. Start off with a topic (an idea, a project, or practically anything) that you want to think about in an organized manner.

Next, associate subtopics that relate to the central topic in any random order that they occur to you. Each of those subtopics can then be expanded with elements or ideas that occur to you for that particular subtopic. The whole thing is really flexible. You can move any element around anywhere in the map.

In the world of mind (or information) mapping one application stands head and shoulders above the rest: MindManager from MindJet. MindJet released version 2012 for MindManager recently. MindManager 2012 is a major upgrade with many great new features.


  • Mind mapping has long been the first choice when it comes to brainstorming.
  • MindJet 2012 takes brainstorming to a whole new level, adding just the right amount of structure. (Video of brainstorming here)
    Power Filters or Markers and indexing is built in to MindManager 2012.

  • In MindManager 9, Power Markers was an $80 add-on. It’s now built in at no additional charge.
  • This feature lets you do incredibly powerful filtering of information mapping elements and creates an automatic index of all the topics in a particular map.
    MindManager 2012 has dynamic integration with SharePoint, Excel, and other programs

  • For SharePoint users MindManager can link to different parts of SharePoint sites such as documents, tasks, and calendar entries, and can also automatically create a SharePoint dashboard based on filter criteria that you input.
  • You can move SharePoint items around in the map and organize them the way you would like to without breaking the links.
  • For database developers: MindManager can bring in table schemas and other information, which makes visualizing and working with a database a snap.
  • In MindManager 2012 Excel users get a big boost with the capability to bring in Excel ranges directly into an information map.
  • For Outlook users, MindManager has an incredible level of connectivity. This includes creating a dashboard and bringing in tasks, e-mails, and calendar entries.
    Getting started with 2012 is easy. MindJet has included a ton of new templates in many different categories. This makes it super simple to get started with maps that pertain to your particular use.

This banner is an affiliate link that I have with Mind Manager, if you click on it and purchase, I’ll get a small portion of the proceeds. I’d appreciate it if you would support Hyperfocused Coaching and the ADHD Weekly Podcast in this way.

Now on to the resources

A few months ago, I had a conversation with David Giwerc at the ADD Coach Academy. We’ve both been mind mapping for more than 20 years. We are both very passionate about mind mapping for people with ADHD. Here’s the recording of that conversation.

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I also spoke with Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income about how he uses information mapping.

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