Positive Aspects of ADHD

photo of Albert Einstein sticking out his tongue
While it is often the negative attributes of ADHD that motivate a person to seek help, there are many positive attributes that a person with ADHD may posses. Identifying and nurturing these positive attributes can empower a person with ADHD to accomplish great things.

Some positive attributes of a person with ADHD may include:

• Creative

• Energetic

• Curious

• Forgiving

• Funny

• Flexible

• Intuitive

• Tenacious

• Loyal

• Big-Hearted

• Resourceful

• Trusting

• Sensitive

• Original

Success Stories

While each person has their own definition of success, many people, past and present, have achieved success in some part by embracing ADHD traits.

The following list includes people who have been diagnosed with ADHD as well as some that exhibit(ed) many attributes which when combined, we now recognize as ADHD.


Vincent Van Gogh


Terry Bradshaw

Scott Eyre

Justin Gatlin

Cammi Granato

Jason Kidd

Michael Phelps

Pete Rose


Charlotte & Emily Bronte

Samuel Clemens

Emily Dickenson

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Virginia Woolf

William Butler Yeats


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders:

Andrew Carnegie

Malcolm Forbes

Henry Ford

David Neeleman

Paul Orfalea


Christopher Columbus

Lewis & Clark


Ann Bancroft

Jim Carrey

Steve McQueen

Jack Nicholson

Ty Pennington

Elvis Presley

Evil & Robbie Knievel

Justin Timberlake

Robin Williams


Alexander Graham Bell

Thomas Edison

Benjamin Franklin


Ansel Adams


Albert Einstein

Political Figures:

James Carville

John F. Kennedy

Abraham Lincoln