This is a list of many of the resources that are a part of my personal toolkit or used by my clients. I only endorse products that I believe in and have found to be effective. I make it a point to try different tools so you don’t have to. My typical technology setup is a Windows 7 laptop using Lotus Notes and Google Apps for Business for email and calendaring. I also own most To Do List applications ever invented for the iPhone;-)

Take a look at these and see if any of them can turbo-charge your productivity system.

MindManager from MindJet

Red MindJet LogoMind maps are a phenomenal way to organize thoughts, processes, and projects that have multiple tasks or ideas. Think of mindmapping as brainstorming SUPERSIZED! It helps you think about anything in an organized manner.

MindManager stands head and shoulders above every other mind mapping program I’ve tested for my own use. You may read my full review here and also see a few MindManager resources I’ve created.

Dragon Naturally Speaking Productivity Software from Nuance

Dragon Naturally Speaking Logo Dragon NaturallySpeaking is voice recognition software for your computer. I’ve been using it for many years, but the last two iterations of the software make quantum leaps in terms of accuracy and usability.

If you’re like me, a verbal processor, the ability to freely speak your thoughts can really unlock some productivity and creativity. I find I can especially take advantage of this when I’m a captive audience, for instance when I’m riding in a car. I often create extensive documents on a particular topic on a trip and then simply proofread them when I return.

The Dragon products from Nuance provide the only solution I’m aware of to meet this need. Read my review and comments here.


Toodledo Logo Toodledo, in spite of its embarrassing name is a great getting things done productivity tool. Albert Einstein said that a system should be as simple as possible, but no simpler. That describes Toodledo perfectly. I use its folders to make sure my big rocks are covered. I use its contexts for making sure I’m looking at tasks that are possible for me to do in my current situation (location/am I connected to the internet/ at the phone). I also use the priority, length, and date features.

ADD Coaches Academy

There is really only one ADHD Coaching School that is the gold standard in ADHD Coaching and it’s ADDCA.

I spent an intense year interacting with the teachers at ADDCA for three hours a week. I found every minute to be valuable. If you want to be a qualified ADHD Coach ADDCA delivers the goods.

BlueHost Website hosting

I use and recommend BlueHost for all my sites.

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