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Coach Jay Carter

My name is Jay Carter. I am a professional ADHD coach.

I am very passionate about two areas. The first area is increasing awareness of ADHD, particularly in the adult population, and even more specifically as it relates to work. Unfortunately, there is still stigma associated with a diagnosis of ADHD. The real antidote for stigma is awareness. There are many successful people with ADHD, even many who have succeeded because of their ADHD.

The second area that I am passionate about is helping people with ADHD reach their full potential.Many times people with ADHD feel like they are struggling constantly just to stay afloat. They often feel that they have skills and talents to do an excellent job in a particular area, but somehow can’t seem to pull it all together. These are the kind of people I love to help. Learning to understand your ADHD, and the strengths that you have can be a truly life-changing experience.

Headshot of Bill JohnstonIn this interview, you’ll meet my client Bill Johnston. Bill conducts program evaluations for nonprofits and writes thought-leadership papers from data he has gathered with his business clients. He is an amazing statistician and an expert at survey construction and other methods of data gathering. You can email Bill here

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I’d like to use this page to answer some of the questions that you may have after seeing my interview with Chris Stanford on the WCCO morning show. Click on box one or box two or both for more information.

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